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Looking back to my childhood years and all the metal magazines I read, such as Circus, Hit Parader, and Metal Edge, I now realize those magazines fueled my passion for music and photography during the best years of music in my lifetime, the 1980s. I learned to have mad respect for concert photographers or any low-light photographer quickly. The struggle to learn to capture light in the dark is no easy task. It took a lot of trial and error, along with note-taking, to become good at knowing what my intent was for the night and how to achieve it.

I began my passion for photography as a young teenager in high school. I found my way into the Photography Club during my sophomore year and served on the yearbook staff during my junior and senior years. Throughout the years, it remained a passion, and I would return to photography studies while pursuing my graphic design degree from 2003-2007.

In the fall of 2019, I decided to return to school to pursue a lifelong goal of earning my Bachelor of Arts in Digital Photography and expanding on my A.A.S in Graphic Design. I will finish this lifelong dream in October 2022.

During my journey over the last three years, I strengthened my skills and learned what styles fit my niche the most. Music has always influenced my life, as well as other varied art forms, including photography. I also learned not to be intimidated by flash and studio strobes, and I learned quickly that I enjoy working with additional light sources. This new skill also taught me that I enjoy the studio and on-location sets in fashion and cosplay photography that utilize dramatic lighting to emphasize a visual storyline.


I am currently a contributing writer/photographer for 7eight5 music publication, reviewing concerts in the Kansas City area. I also have joined KC Photography/Modeling Network, and I am an active member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Please use the contact form for any questions about pricing or to book a date.

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